Groupage & Full Load Transport Truck Maintenance Warehouse Logistics Road Transport in Bulgaria Loading and Unloading Operations Timely and fast delivery

Groupage & Full Load Transport

Our trucks leave every week for Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, and we organize loads covering whole of Europe.

  • No empty space, maximizing cargo load
  • 5 working days delivery time from Bulgaria
  • Leaving every Friday-Saturday from Bulgaria
  •  Regular lines from Bulgaria to Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia

Truck Maintenance

Before each departure our truck go through thorough checks and all necessary repairs are carried out before they leave for a new course.

Warehouse Logistics

We can take care of temporary warehousing and storage of the goods that you are transporting. Give us more details and we’ll provide you with the best solution either for short-term or long-term storage.

Road Transport in Bulgaria

We provide internal transport of large-volume goods on the territory of Bulgaria, and we also track the location of the truck and the goods in real time with a GPS system.

Loading and Unloading Operations

  • Minimizing the risk of damage
  • Trained personnel and specialized equipment
  • Executed after thorough planning and coordination
  • Ensuring the safe and efficient movement of goods

Timely and fast delivery

ILVA Bulgaria is an established partner on the Bulgarian market for the last 30 years and guarantees compliance with deadlines and initially defined conditions when accepting each request for a shipment.